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Buddhism & Other Religions

Buddhism & Islam

21th Feb, 2009
Buddhism and Islam are two major religions of the world today, which traces back to the 6th century BCE and the 6th century CE respectively. Based on the teachings of Lord Buddha (Northern India) and Prophet Mohammed (Arabia), Buddhism and Islam deals with a new way of life, which gives a being freedom from confusion and disillusionment.

Both the religions require practice and faith in self. Both of them have different methods of worship, but on the whole talks about similar facts.

Similarities Between Buddhism And Islam
Eternal Life

• Buddhism : The eternal life depends upon the karma or the deeds of the present life.
• Islam : The eternal life depends on the works of the present life and is only applicable for those who follow the Islamic path whole heartedly.

The Concept Of Universe

• Buddhism : The universe is separate from God and has been created by Him.
• Islam : Islam is also creationist. The universe is a creation of God and so, separate from Him.


• Buddhism : Buddhism believes in humanity and love for all beings.
• Islam : Similarly, the most important aspect in Islam is humanity.

Idol - Worship

• Buddhism : The Buddhist doctrine exhorts the Buddhists to follow the essence of Dhamma and condemn idol-worship.
• Islam : Likewise, Islam also imposes a taboo on idol-worship.


• Buddhism : Buddhism opposes the evils of caste and creed and asserts the equality of all beings.
• Islam :Islam also stresses on the equality of individuals, thereby, abhorring caste and creed.

Differences Between Buddhism And Islam

• Buddhism : The earlier Buddhist doctrine does not mention any God, although the concept of Godly figures was introduced later.
• Islam : The Muslims believe in one God, known as 'Allah'.


• Buddhism : According to the Buddhist doctrine, the works done by a person decides upon his salvation, and therefore, the person cannot blame others for it.
• Islam : Islam does not believe in salvation, even though it focuses on the life after death. According to the principles of Islam, the aim of an individual's life is to attain an afterlife within one of the heavens as described in the holy Quran and to avoid one of the numerous hells.

The Concept of World

• Buddhism : Buddhism neither stresses on the aspects of the natural world, nor gives an emphasis on the role of God in goods and evils.
• Islam : Islam stresses on the aspects of natural world and considers Allah to be the creator of the universe and the source of all goods and evils.

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